Skogrand SC Beethoven speaker cable review - PFO

"With the Skogrand Beethoven cables I hear no coloration or whatever going on across my music. The recordings are just there—good and bad. That is, there is more of a difference sonically than ever before between and among our music. Good recordings sound better and bad recordings sound worse. It is what it is. You simply hear more and not less… and less of what one might hear with lesser cables or ones that impart something into or onto the music. The Skogrand Beethoven cables are not going to act as a bandaid. Along with that, you hear more of what the rest of your components are doing; also a good thing." ... " the Skogrand Beethoven cables simply get out of the way and let the signal, or

Skogrand SCAC Wagner power cable review NOVO Magazine

"What did this cable sound like? Well, actually it didn’t sound like anything – and that’s a good thing. A “perfect” power cable should not introduce its own sonic signature into an audio system. It should simply transmit the power from the wall outlet to the gear, without altering the signal. When listening to various tracks from the Songs of Anarchy soundtracks, I immediately realized the benefits that the Wagner power cable provided. These soundtracks are very well recorded and offer a great mix of vocals and instruments. With the Wagner in place, the sound was transparent, incredibly detailed and packed with micro and macro dynamics. Vocals and instruments played with rich colors, the tr

Skogrand SC Beethoven review NOVO Magazine

"To sum up, the SC Beethoven Cables are champions at just getting out of the way and letting the music flow unimpeded. They did not add any grunge or noise that I could detect, making the music sound incredibly pure and pristine. This is a double-edged sword because their sheer neutrality makes it imperative that you use upstream components that are also equally neutral. If any of your upstream components are anything but neutral, the SC Skogrand Cables will reveal all of their faults. These cables will also reveal bad recordings exactly for what they are. No other cable that I have auditioned in the past allowed me to hear even subtle errors by the recording engineer as clearly as these cab

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