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Skogrand SC Beethoven speaker cable review - PFO

"With the Skogrand Beethoven cables I hear no coloration or whatever going on across my music. The recordings are just there—good and bad. That is, there is more of a difference sonically than ever before between and among our music. Good recordings sound better and bad recordings sound worse. It is what it is. You simply hear more and not less… and less of what one might hear with lesser cables or ones that impart something into or onto the music. The Skogrand Beethoven cables are not going to act as a bandaid. Along with that, you hear more of what the rest of your components are doing; also a good thing." ... " the Skogrand Beethoven cables simply get out of the way and let the signal, or music, through unscathed" ... " Our music, as heard with the Beethoven cables, comes across with such a wonderful flow of musical engagement… yeah, all the clichéd adjectives fit here: clean, articulate, expansive, quiet, loud, airy, solid, pace, rhythm, energy, dimensional, dynamic, extended, deep, propulsive, detailed, hard, soft, and grainfree, gritfree..." - Dave Clark, Senior Editor

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