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Skogrand Wagner Mk2

Skogrand Wagner Mk2 AC power cable.


SCAC Wagner Mk2 is a power cable that is a perfect match for our cable models Rachmaninov Mk2, Brahms Mk2 and Ravel Mk2.


Skogrand Wagner Mk2 is a high performance AC power cable designed to deliver a pure energy flow to your components protecting and preserving the energy transfer with authority. Skogrand Wagner is a multistrand design with ample shielding and 15A 125V/16A 250V Rhodium plated OCC copper connectors. 


We offer US and Euro Schuko connectors along with the IEC plugs.


Technical specification:


• 2 x 2.5 mm2 stranded single grain OCC copper conductors

• 1 x 5 mm2 ground wire

• 2 x braided copper shielding

• Polyolefin cable jacket and insulation

• Optional silk brocade cable sleeve or black braid with purple polyolefin shining through

• Current rating 20 Amps

• Voltage rating 300 V

• DC-resistance 0.0032 Ohm/m

• Rhodium plated copper connectors

• Max operating temperature +90C

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