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Skogrand Beethoven

Available within the Beethoven model range:


- SC Beethoven Mk2 speaker cables

- SCI Beethoven Mk2 interconnects

- SCJ Beethoven Mk2 Jumper cables

- SCAC Beethoven Mk2 AC power cables

- SCD Beethoven Mk2 digital cables 110 Ohm AES/EBU, 75 Ohm Coaxial RCA or BNC, USB and Ethernet cables

- SCT Beethoven tonearm cables

All our cable models are named after well known composers. When looking for a name that would best suit our top of the line cable model our choice was Beethoven. His musicality is beyond question. His ability to create works based on strictly following the rules of composition and yet expanding these into something larger than the individual components is striking.


His mastery of both the complex and simple, the balance of the components through multiple layers of intertwining melodies working sublimely together.


Beethoven is known throughout the World for his phenomenal compositions. But also for being almost completely deaf while creating some of his greatest works. The signature trait of the Beethoven cable model is its ability to convey musicality, to be silent and let the connected components sing only restricted by their own limitations. To let all other noise be blackened out to give every nuance of the music room to blossom to their fullest. Breathing life into the music by giving it a perfectly quiet background. Skogrand Cables is a small company located in the mountain hills of Norway. In this serene and tranquil environment we manufacture audio cables with the support of several key branches of the Norwegian government due to our product’s market leading signal transferring capabilities. You will find Skogrand cables in the reference setups of reviewers and dedicated audiophiles all over the world. Spearheading signal transfer speed and efficiency globally – delivering Pure Audio Joy.


If you are looking for cables to add color or flavor to your system’s signature sound then our cables is not your best bet. If you on the other hand desire a reference cable to last you a lifetime of component upgrades, that will enable you to focus on the true ability of your setup, then Skogrand cables are the only real alternative in today’s market.


As with all our cables it looks as it performs - with absolute panache and beauty.


Some key features of the SCAC Beethoven AC power cable:


• 2 x 4mm + 5mm + 24 AWG 5N solid core copper

• Three layers of shielding

• One layer of shielding lifted from the two layers of the spiraling inner framework and held separate by air.

• In contrast to the SCAC Wagner AC power cable that has two spiraling tubes visible on the outside, the SCAC Beethoven has its spiraling inner framework concealed within a shielded circular outer cable build.


Beethoven enhancements from the Tchaikovsky model:


• Low-K material inner framework enhancements.

• Thermally and machanically enhanced Ohno Continuous Cast copper wires with improved surface quality and electrical conductivity.

• Wires scanned to eliminate any grain borders ensuring that every wire length of each cable consists of only one copper crystal.

• All inner framework materials scanned and freed from impurities.

• All wires matched for exact similarity of size and performance.

• More accommodating inner framework.

• All of these individually small specs coming together to form a Grand performer that will serve the signal completely - undisturbed and unaltered.


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