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About Products

We are proud that our cables mostly advertise themselves through reviews, word of mouth and clients opening up their listening rooms to share experiences with their friends. Branding and packaging expenses are kept to a minimum, while prototype research, development and quality control are first priorities.  


Our cable models starting with our high value entry level model:


Rachmaninov (High Value entry level)





Stravinsky (Absolute Reference)

These models all offer speaker cables (SC), interconnects (SCI) and speaker cable jumpers (SCJ).


SCD Grieg is a cable model that makes an excellent compliment to our Rachmaninov, Brahms and Ravel cable models.


SCAC Wagner is a power cable that is a great match for our cable models Rachmaninov, Brahms and Ravel.


SCAC, SCD and SCT: Our top three performing cable models Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Stravinsky all include their own dedicated power cables (SCAC Tchaikovsky, SCAC Beethoven and SCAC Stravinsky), digital cables (SCD Tchaikovsky, SCD Beethoven and SCD Stravinsky) and tonearm cables (SCT Tchaikovsky, SCT Beethoven and SCT Stravinsky) matched for perfect synergy.


As of 2019 we are thrilled to announce several Mk2 releases of our cable models. Mk2 Improvements include sturdiness (improved lifespan), increased ease of handling through implementing new wire frameworks, more flexible cable ends, higher quality solid core occ copper wires, less static charge (side effect of the air dielectric frameworks), new and/or improved terminations and more effective signal paths to name a few.

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