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Skogrand Tchaikovsky Mk2

Available within the Tchaikovsky cable model range:


- SC Tchaikovsky Mk2 speaker cables

- SCI Tchaikovsky Mk2 interconnects

- SCJ Tchaikovsky Mk2 Jumpers

- SCAC Tchaikovsky AC power cables

- SCD Tchaikovsky Mk2 digital cables featuring 110 Ohm AES/EBU, 75 Ohm Coaxial RCA or BNC, USB and Ethernet cables.

- SCT Tchaikovsky tonearm cables


SC Tchaikovsky speaker cables:


The SC Tchaikovsky offers solid core copper leads suspended in air within a framework of ultra low dielectric fabrics and PTFE tubing. With this cable build we have achieved an effective air dielectric percentage of 98.9%. With gold z-plug or spade connectors (Speakon or unterminated bare wires optional), pure silk brocade cable sleeves, 4 x 12 AWG OCC solid core copper leads of the highest purity obtainable. SC Tchaikovsky Mk2 stands out as a marvel of sight and sound.


Wire drawn from OCC ingots will contain a single copper grain, which can be over seven hundred feet in length. A single grain wire has all the desirable properties for signal transmission, and is remarkably durable. Because of its characteristics of single crystal, unidirectional, free of impurity, flexible fatigue-resistance, corrosive-resistance, low electric resistance, none-crystal boundaries, rapid transmissibility, perfect in structure, and easy to process, all make it an ideal material for making rapid transmission lines.


A most natural, dynamic and pin point analytic cable.


Technical specifications:


4 x 12 AWG OCC solid core copper leads

Dielectric: Air Ultra low dielectric fabrics and PTFE tube suspension framework

Dual lead construction

Cross linked Polyolefin

Silk brocade cable sleeve

Skogrand Cables z-banana plugs or spades, Speakon or unterminated bare wire


SCI Tchaikovsky interconnects:

Construction goal: Creating an interconnect matching the SC Tchaikovsky speaker cables when it comes to looks, signal transfer capabilities, materials and overall performance.


Technical specifications:


• Dielectric: Air

• Gauge: 24 AWG Ohno Continuous Cast Copper (OCC) Solid Core (SC) pure copper leads

• Shield: 100% coverage tinned copper

• Shield suspended away from conductor

• Conductor spacing: 4 mm

• Framework: Ultra low dielectric constant material suspended over PTFE tubing

• Crosslinked Polyolefin heatshrink

• Silk sleeves

• Twisted pair

• Skogrand Cables RCA connectors

• Rhodium plated XLR connectors

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