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Purchase & Return Policy

Purchase and return policy.


Skogrand Cables offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Please observe the terms for reviewers and client returns at the bottom of this page.


The way you want it:


The SC speaker cable models can be terminated with spades, z-plug/saw banana plugs, pins and/or speakon connectors. We also offer unterminated bare cable ends for direct connections.


Our SCI interconnect models can be shielded or unshielded, balanced or unbalanced. Please contact info at and we will work out a solution together that best suits your needs. We terminate these with gold or rhodium RCA plugs or rhodium XLR connectors.


The SCJ jumper models can be terminated with spades, z-plug bananas, pins, speakon connectors or bare solid core ends.

We will contact you after your order to hear what you require in terms of termination.



30-day money back guarantee terms.

Please observe that point A, B, F and G also applies to repair returns and review returns.


Skogrand Cables are handmade pieces of audio art  with world leading signal transfer capabilities tailored to your specific needs. We are confident that you will be satisfied with them.


That is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee so that you may experience the benefits of our products connected to your audio setup in a familiar environment.


Should you for any reason want to return your set of Skogrand cables within this 30 day period we will be happy to refund your purchase under the conditions stated below. These conditions also applies to uncollected cable shipments.


A. The cables must be unmarked by use/as new and in the same condition as when you received them - although reasonable marks after connecting them to your setup is accepted.


B. The cables are to be packed and returned in their original packaging.


C. You will send an email to customer at within the 30 day period containing the order number and what item/s you would like to return.


D. You will not ship the cables to us until we have sent you a return mail acknowledging your pending return.


E. We will refund the amount you have paid to Skogrand Cables for the purchase of our product within a month after receiving and examining the returned goods - although we will have to subtract any PayPal or banking fees.


F. Return postage/shipping expenses is to be paid by the customer. It must be clearly stated that this is a return shipment so that additional customs fees and taxes will not be added. Failure to do so might result in customs wrongfully adding import tax and customs fees to the return shipment. All cables are to be returned with the original shipping documents or with copies of these. We will be happy to provide copies of the shipping documents if you are having difficulties finding them.


G. The cables are to be returned using a shipping/carrier service that is trackable and you will send this tracking number to us at "customer at"


Please observe the following:


Review samples are to be returned to Skogrand Cables when the review has been published unless other terms has been clearly stated by us. Failure to return the review samples will make the reviewer and/or auditioner liable for paying Skogrand Cables the full export price of the cable/s in question.


Resale of review samples that are to be returned to us is strictly forbidden and any reviewer/auditioner doing so will have to pay the full export price to Skogrand Cables.


The 30-day money back guarantee will not apply if the cables are broken with intent or from handling the cables without care and consideration. Reviewers or customers that perform any kind of reverse engineering or breaking or opening of the cables will have to pay Skogrand Cables the full value of the cables.

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