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Skogrand SCAC Wagner power cable review NOVO Magazine

"What did this cable sound like? Well, actually it didn’t sound like anything – and that’s a good thing. A “perfect” power cable should not introduce its own sonic signature into an audio system. It should simply transmit the power from the wall outlet to the gear, without altering the signal. When listening to various tracks from the Songs of Anarchy soundtracks, I immediately realized the benefits that the Wagner power cable provided. These soundtracks are very well recorded and offer a great mix of vocals and instruments. With the Wagner in place, the sound was transparent, incredibly detailed and packed with micro and macro dynamics. Vocals and instruments played with rich colors, the treble was open and airy, all the while the bass offered a great extension. On tracks that feature backup vocals like “Son of a Preacher Man”, there was a greater sense of air between the voices and the instruments. As a result, the backup voices were clearly delineated from Katey Sagal’s voice. Despite all of this, the music never sounded overly analytical or harsh. On the contrary, all of these characteristics combined to produce music that sounded more like the real thing, rather than recorded music." - Suave Kajko, Editor in Chief, NOVO Magazine.

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