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"Skogrand Beethoven Cables - A Study In Transparency." As reviewed by Myles B. Astor, Posi

"The Beethoven interconnect and speaker cable's sound is defined by its vanishingly low noise floor and transparency. A system capable of when wired with the Skogrand cables from the phonostage to speakers (or preamplifier to amplifier in the case of reel-to-reel) incredible delicacy, astonishing resolution and a "Snow White" purity. Not unlike looking through a freshly Windexed plate glass window into the soundstage. But neither are the Skogrand Beethovens reminiscent of those 1980 CD players with a squeaky clean, bleached, washed out or bright sound. No siree. The Skogrand cables don't darken or brighten the sound. They simply permit the system to strut its stuff and allow the listener to hear into and connect with the music."..." The pluck of a string or decay of an instrument. An all enveloping sense of the hall. An ability to project the sound. In the end, transforming the source from a mere recording into a musical event."

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