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Skogrand Ethernet Global Release!

We’re happy to announce our Ethernet cables are released for Global sales today. 5 years in the making we have followed the evolution of Ethernet cables and their potential performance closely to be able to offer an Ethernet cable worthy of being part of the Skogrand brand. Built from the solid core copper cable and up through completion this is as we want it - unmatched in the Global market.

Ethernet cables will be released in SCD Grieg, SCD Tchaikovsky and SCD Beethoven versions. All are Cat7a capable and above.

Skogrand SCD Beethoven Ethernet cable:

Cat 7a S-FTP 1200 Mhz

Dielectric: Air

Velocity ratio: 99.81%

8 x 22 AWG OCC solid core copper conductors

Individual, paired and complete foil and braid shielding. Please contact: for further info, pricing and advice.


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