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About Us

Our cables are manufactured in a small workshop in the mountain hills of Norway. We stand firmly within a thousand year history of cautious and sincere laboring towards our goals, in unison with the Norwegian tradition of highly skilled craftsmen taking pride in delivering their utmost when thinking through and constructing our products.


This tradition of sincere consciousness and perfectionism is clearly seen in everything from the architecture and beauty of our stave churches, the elegance and superior speed and handling of our Viking ships to our world leading hydro energy and oil production technology.

As of 2019 we are thrilled to announce several Mk2 releases of our cable models. Mk2 Improvements include sturdiness (improved lifespan), increased ease of handling through implementing new wire frameworks, more flexible cable ends, higher quality solid core occ copper wires, less static charge resulting in shorter time for the cables to settle in with the audio system, new and/or improved terminations and more effective signal paths to name a few.

An introduction to our cable models starting with the high value entry level Rachmaninov going up to our absolute reference Stravinsky model:








These models all offer speaker cables (SC), interconnects (SCI) and speaker cable jumpers (SCJ).


Grieg is a cable model that makes an excellent compliment to our Rachmaninov, Brahms and Ravel cable models.

Wagner is a power cable that is a great match for our cable models Rachmaninov, Brahms and Ravel.


Our top three performing cable models Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Stravinsky all include their own dedicated power cables (SCAC Tchaikovsky, SCAC Beethoven and SCAC Stravinsky), digital cables (SCD Tchaikovsky, SCD Beethoven and SCD Stravinsky) and tonearm cables (SCT Tchaikovsky, SCT Beethoven and SCT Stravinsky) matched for perfect synergy.

Our Products

Our cables have proven their unmatched performance both in-house through testing and with reviewers and clients worldwide. Their ability to deliver is enjoyed in a great variety of setups including tubes, solid-state, speakers of all designs and sizes, in digital PC driven environments as well as fully analog dedicated vinyl settings.


Our product's signature trait is to let any system perform at its full potential interfering to the least degree possible. That is reflected in our outspoken design ideal which is to liberate the true sound of every system connected with Skogrand Cables - standing aside to let through. If you are looking for cables to add color or flavor to your system’s signature sound then our cables is not your best bet. If you on the other hand desire a reference cable to last you a lifetime of component upgrades, that will enable you to focus on the true ability of your setup, then Skogrand cables are the only real alternative in today’s market  - preserving the signal most completely, delivering it faster more effectively.

Skogrand Cables
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